Therapeutic massages

The healing force of massage is known everywhere and is scientifically proven.

The word massage has different roots that lead to a clear purpose, which is to provide a physical contact between two individuals, “Massech” of the Hebrew which means to touch or feel, as well as “Massein” of the Greek that denotes the main action, which is to rub, in addition to these two peoples there is the root of the Gallic people, “Masser” which in French is a verb that literally means kneading or massaging, being France one of the pioneers of the Western world in the use of manual therapies.

According to this epistemology, it can be ensured that massage therapy involves movement, a displacement of both the physiotherapist’s hands and a synchronicity in the friction that is generated in the tissues underlying the manipulated area. This set of interventions forms one of the oldest therapeutic means in the world, precisely because of its way of applying, since it is a purely instinctive process.

Any person can give a massage by giving it, without worrying in what direction it does, if the heat it causes is normal, if the color or appearance of the skin changes as a result of its manipulation, if it should cause pain or something as simple as the duration, that is why it is only the physical therapist training that allows to control these elements that are intrinsic to the technique.


The word massage has different definitions depending on the author’s approach.

Some speak of such as a tactile language established through the skin and that at the same time can be interpreted as the action of repairing the human body through movement. “The set of manipulations of soft tissues, on an area or in the whole organism, with the purpose of causing modifications of therapeutic order”.

It should be noted that the massage as such can be done by any type of person and for that reason unwanted effects can occur, due to this, it is recommended that a professional in the field apply the massage, since he will have the knowledge due to the pathophysiopathological behavior of the human body before certain manipulations as well as the constant search for the patient’s well-being from the biopsychosocial point of view as the main objective of his therapy, thus the concept of massage is extended a little more, saying that this:

“It is a manual therapy aimed at producing a series of controlled physiological reactions, in the skeletal muscle system and / or other body systems, which lead to the therapeutic relief of the individual to be treated”

Effects of the Massage Therapy

The massage has three effects:

  • Reflex: The reflex effect is activated even with a superficial massage, which produces effects on the autonomic nervous system due to stimuli emitted by the terminations that exist in our skin.
  • Mechanic: This, this presents when generating a pressure on the tissues, whatever, it will produce circulatory physiological responses such as arterial filling or venous drainage, metabolic by the segregation of substances, muscle at the level of contraction or relaxation and nervous related in great part with the direction of the stimulus.
  • The late effect Once certain violent pressures and stimuli are applied, combined late or secondary reactions will occur in various systems, after a certain time.

In specific areas:

On the skin:

  • Temperature increase
  • Skin peel
  • Elimination of desquamative cells
  • Stimulates fluid reabsorption
  • Activates sweat and sebaceous glands.

On the muscles:

  • Improves oxygenation and irrigation which leads to improve muscle trophism
  • Facilitates the disposal of waste substances
  • Eliminate catabolites.

About the circulation:

  • Improves circulation by vasodilation that causes tissue friction
  • Increase blood oxygen levels
  • Histamine and acetylcholine release (substances that influence the effects of relaxation, well-being and pain reduction)
  • Facilitates venous return.

On the nervous system

  • Anesthesia (eliminates or decreases pain)
  • It excites nodal endings.


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